Saints LogoHere at CCM we have teams for many of the intramural sports going on through the Fall, Spring, and Summer! We play both in recreational and competitive leagues so whatever level of sports you want to play, we have it for you. We also go out and play sports on Memory Mall a few times a week for fun! Come out and join us to play sports, make friends, and have fun. Everybody's always welcome and remember, Go Saints!

For more up-to-date information, check out the CCM Sports Facebook page!

Our current sport schedules are listed below:



Mens Soccer, Tuesdays 7:40-10:10 pm

Co-Rec Soccer, Tuesdays 7:40-11 pm

Womens Soccer, Thursdays 9:20-11pm

Fun Volleyball, Mondays 9-11:30 pm

Competitive Volleyball, Thursdays 9-10:40 pm